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Yannis Ioannousketch as Smart Object-1

Born in 1944, in Thessalonica, he graduated in Architecture at the Aristotelian University in 1968.He took his diploma in Urbanism, at the E.U.P. in Paris and worked for various architectural offices till 1975. During his stay in France he first came across with the rebirth of political cartoon –period right after May 1968 – and entered the world of social satire. On his return home he started working as an editorial cartoonist.
He worked for most of the newspapers and magazines both in Athens and Thessalonica.
He has participated in many exhibitions and he has also exposed his work abroad, in Italy (Napoli, Forte dei Marmi and Ferrara) and Brussels (in BDB).
He has published many albums of political cartoon and comic strips such as “ O tritos dromos” ( “The third way” ), “O Evropeos“ ( “ The European “),”To Thavma” ( “The Miracle”) etc.
He currently publishes his cartoons in the “EF SYN” newspaper  and the social media



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